Find your start. Get off your ass (and help me get off mine).

Start. This may be one of the most difficult words to master in the English language.

Not because of its spelling. Not because of its pronunciation (although my two year old may disagree with me). It’s because of everything that is implied by that one little word.

Everything that follows ‘Start’

We all need to start something.

  • I need to start working out.
  • I need to start losing weight.
  • I need to start writing my blog post.
  • I need to start(insert choice desire here).

There is something that we all need to, or at the very least want to, start right now but haven’t. Why?

I can tell you my reasons. I’m too busy, too tired, too lazy, too…(insert very valuable reason here). It’s when we let our reasons become a crutch that we become immobilized by our hesitation.

The Faith of ‘Start’

I believe that things happen for a reason and that they usually happen when they are meant to happen. This has given me a lot of comfort throughout my life but to be perfectly honest, has not helped me overcome my chronic procrastination.

Do you know what has helped me the most? The faith of ‘Start’. You cannot move forward along your chosen path unless you start.

My husband is a very practical man, who loves me and supports everything I do. However, he is not a man of faith and does not wait for things to happen to him. Also, he does not sit around hoping for things to ‘feel right’ before he starts something.

I have this weakness. I want to have the ‘good feels’ about everything before I start something. Luckily for me, this works out most of the time. However, time waits for no one, and sometimes I just have to start no matter how uncomfortable it feels.

“I don’t remember the last time I started something new.”

Change is uncomfortable. It stretches, it aches, and it pushes us to move out of our comfort zone. But it also forces us to grow and can lead to wonderful discoveries. How often do you find yourself in a state of indecision, where you have lost interest in life and realize, “I don’t remember the last time I started something new?”

Let’s slay the procrastination dragon together.

I had to seriously kick myself in the butt this past year, but it has been worth it. It was hard to get out of the rut that I was in. It was comfortable in that little hole, but I didn’t like it there. I was fat in there, bored, and feeling pretty trapped…but it was safe.

In order to get out of that place I had to make some changes. They didn’t have to be big changes, just some little, sustainable things that put me on the right path to a healthier me. I had to start somewhere.

Now that is a whole other story, deserving of a post unto itself, so I will leave the rest of the tale for another time. You all will be my motivation to keep on track though, because writing is one of my great passions, and this blog is my next big “start” for 2019. So thank you for getting me off of my ass!

Now back to you! Stop waiting for life to come to you. Start with something. It doesn’t have to be a life changing event like a job change (or maybe it does?!). Try out a new hobby like painting, or crafting something with your kids. I love cruising the Dollar Tree to find supplies for this!

Check out a new exercise class at your gym or learn to swim again. Join some groups on Facebook based on what interests you. Start by searching where you live, like “Moms of Arizona,” and see if they seem like people you’d like. Then ask to join their group. Once you’re on there find out what people are doing, what events they’re going to. It’s a great way to…you’ve got it! Start!

Just start.

You won’t regret it.

What do you think about what I’ve had to say? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment and let me know what you are interested in talking about. What’s on your mind? What did you start?

What'cha thinking?