How To Get Off The Couch And Start Living Today

Do you ever wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and you don’t like how you feel? Maybe you don’t like how you look or you don’t like where you’re at? You just don’t know how to get started to change it all?

Well stick around, because we’re going to start fixing all that today!

Step One: ‘I Want To Fix My (Insert Problem Here)’

Hi, I’m Jamie Blasingame and welcome to my blog!

Tell me if this sounds familiar- I hate my stomach. I’m uncomfortable in my body. I want to change this (insert problem here)

You have this issue, we’ve all got this problem, and we’re all wondering how to fix it. You probably even know how to fix your problem, but there’s something stopping you from moving forward.

You see the happy people on TV. You see the happy, fit, wonderful looking people in your magazines that you keep in the bathroom that your husband can’t stand because they pile up on the back of the toilet. You want to be like these people, but you just can’t figure out how to get started.

…and all of these good intentions just piled up…

I am just like you. I have these issues too. I would, in a second, take my stomach and (pop) chop it right off. So many times in the past, I have tried to fix things in the ways (I thought) I knew how to fix them. I tried and did not succeed in accomplishing my goals.

I would make the effort to fix a crummy friendship, quit a job that I didn’t like, or clean a messy house, but I would always find myself sitting on the couch, doing nothing, over and over again. And all of these good intentions just piled up.

Step Two: Get Started And Move

So guess what? I’ve figured it out.

This is the important part.

Pay close attention.

Take your earbuds out. Turn off the TV. Tell the kids to go play in their rooms.

What you need to do is… MOVE.

I’m not saying move to another state, unless that’s your goal. I’m not saying move physically, but depending on your plans that could be a part of it too. What you need to do is just actually MOVE.

Get up.

Get started.

Start- just a little bit.

Do something small. Make a small change. If it has something to do with your body, eat a little bit less. If it has something to do with being on the couch all day, every day, stand up.

Just do something. Start. You have to move. Make your bed. Brush your teeth at night. Make a small change, but stick to it. These are the changes that will start the avalanche.

Step Three: See The Path Up ‘The Mountain’

My husband always talks about my problems as this mountain. I always see this huge mountain of challenge looming in front of me.

But, as he often tells me, if you look there is a nice and easy path of small steps up to the top the mountain. I promise it’s there. It’s actually very easy to find, but you won’t find it unless you start moving. All it takes is that single step, to begin to make the changes you want. You just have to start, but you can’t start unless you MOVE.

I hope that this inspires you to get up off the couch and start checking off some of these boxes that we all have.

Are you held down by fear? Glued in front of the TV. What goals would you love to accomplish but can’t get started? Leave me a comment. Let me know how this goes for you.

That’s all for now. Until next time, I’ve been Jamie. Thanks a lot!

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